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Texans are no strangers to a wide-variety of spiders and neither is Texas Bug Masters.

Protect your home from spiders

Spiders are actually an essential part of our ecosystem and also beneficial predators that reduce our unwanted insect populations. Although most spiders have poison glands containing venom and are capable of biting humans, very few spiders are harmful. However, the arrival of poisonous spiders within a home can be an immediate justification for spider pest control.

Spiders have become reviled over time as one of the creepiest and most feared pests. Spider control is necessary when you have poisonous spiders, problematic populations, or spider infestation. At this point, it’s necessary to contact a pest management professional. Texans are no strangers to a wide-variety of spiders and neither is Texas Bug Masters.

Signs of spiders

Spider Webs

The tell-tale indicator of spiders is the manifestation of cobwebs. The web size and shape vary by species and can be found in corners within the property in most cases.

Attic Spaces

Attics are generally undisturbed and contain different hiding places for spiders. Storage boxes especially because of the various nooks and crannies. It’s also important to check wall junctions and closets.

Moist Environments

Moist environments attract some species of spiders due to their reliance on other insects found in these moist areas as food sources. Locations can include bathrooms, basements, and underneath sinks.

Egg Sacs

Spiders attach egg sacs to various surfaces, hide them in webs or carry them at all times. The appearance of egg sacs indoors indicate multitudes of spiders potentially lurking around.

How can i Prevent Spiders

Spider control starts with sanitation. This includes vacuuming routinely and thoroughly to remove spiders, spider webs, and egg sacks. When vacuums suck spiders, it dies instantly. Once you’ve vacuumed the space, cracks and corners, seal them to avoid reentering. You should also clean areas where insects may travel to remove the possibility of pheromone trails.

Spiders don’t like humans or human food. By cleaning your space and removing clutter from attics, garages, closets, and basements you’re eliminating other bugs that spiders like to eat. Cutting a spider’s food supply is enough to starve them to death. Additionally, all the windows should have fitted screens in good shape for effective control.

Trusted Spider control

If you’re dealing with spiders or other insects, contact pest management professionals to help eliminate problem areas. Texas Bug Masters is the area’s leading spider pest control professionals. With highly trained and certified technicians, we’re your trusted source for effective spider control. Call today to learn more!

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