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We can effectively handle any pest control issue you’re experiencing, including termite treatments, bed bug treatments, and flea control treatments.

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    Our innovative Pest Control service is guaranteed to get rid of your insect and rodent problems, while our natural organic prevention protection services make sure your buildings are always protected.

    Our Service Areas

    We have a service area that covers from Galveston, Texas, all the way to the lakes around Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend. We regularly serve customers in Nederland, Beaumont, Lumberton, Port Neches, Kountze, Silsbee, Pinewood Estates, and Groves, Texas.

    We Warranty Our Pest Control Services

    We offer one year, three year, five year and 10 year warranties, depending on the type of pest control chemical we’re using. Longer warranties involve higher cost treatments. We provide very high value at all price points, and all of our work is performed thoroughly and carefully. We have over 60 five star reviews on Google, and most of our customers note our professionalism, punctuality, quality, responsiveness, and value.

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    No, none of our treatments will hurt your pets. We use high quality, high cost chemicals that are specifically designed to exterminate pests without causing harm to your family or pets. We work to perform all our services at the highest level, and using the best quality chemicals is part of this. For example, one of our top chemicals for termite treatments is based around the active ingredient Termidor HE. It’s a high-end chemical manufactured by BASF, and is the most expensive termite chemical available. It includes an eight-year warranty backed by the manufacturer. We love pets and some of our customers are veterinarians. These treatments have been carefully designed to remove your pest issues without harming anything else.

    No, our pest control work won’t kill your grass.

    Yes, we handle many bed bug cases and this is a common issue in our area of Texas. We use a liquid chemical method rather than a heat treatment because heat isn’t effective in our experience. Our liquid chemical bed bug treatment includes a 30-day residual, so any bed bugs not killed during the initial application will be killed once they come in contact with a treated surface containing the residual. We’ve experienced exceptional results with our bed bug treatments, and have handled everything from small private residences to large commercial facilities, and we’ve never had a customer call back to notify us that bed bugs remained present following our treatment.

    Yes. Particularly during the summer months, we receive many requests to handle mosquito issues. To eliminate mosquitos, we use a product named One Guard. This is an extremely effective treatment that we can apply to yards and outdoor areas. We’ve had customers report back that this has fully eliminated mosquitos around their property for as long as sixty days.

    Yes, we offer a granular application for fire ants using a chemical named Top Choice with the active ingredient fipronil, made by Bayer. Our fire ant treatment includes a guarantee that no fire ants will return for one year following treatment. If they do, Bayer will cover the cost of Texas Bug Masters to retreat your property. This makes us the best option possible for fire ant removal. We also provide a lower cost treatment method for fire ants (and it’s effective for flea and tick infestations as well). Talstar EXTRA as an effective, cost-efficient treatment solution that can help control pests like fire ants, fleas, and ticks for three to five months, or longer in some cases. Rainfall naturally diffuses pest control products, so during rainy periods you’ll experience shorter relief.

    Pest Control Common Issues in Southeast Texas

    This region experiences high humidity which is often associated with termites and mosquitos.

    This accelerates how quickly wood rots, particularly on properties where bushes, plants, and heavy foliage exists close to a building or structure. Situations like this often indicate that a termite infestation is likely. We closely evaluate how a property is setup when performing inspections. When we find opportunities to reduce the chances of future infestations, we provide recommendations to our customers, like cutting back foliage to reduce rot.

    Many homes suffer from poor ventilation which increases the chances of wood rot. Strong air movement and adequate clearance from the top of grade to the bottom of the floor joist is recommended to minimize on any wood rot and address any inadequate ventilation issues which lead to wood deterioration and/or wood destroying organisms. We can guide our customers through steps they can take to protect their home from future pest infestations and other damage.

    We Offer Regularly Scheduled, Routine Pest Control Services

    Routine services can be scheduled and provided. We have commercial clients that receive routine monthly pest control treatments for the interior of their buildings and the exterior of their property. We’ll work with you to determine what kinds of pest issues you’re experiencing, then create a service routine that keeps you pest free. Routine treatments can be scheduled monthly, bi monthly, and quarterly. For most private homes, a quarterly pest control service costs $125, treats the inside and outside of the property, and is highly effective at preventing pests from entering the home. Please inquire regarding a custom quote for your specific property or home.

    We Use The Best Quality Chemicals Available

    Our treatments are effective, consistent, and long lasting in part because we use the best quality, high end chemicals, including Onslaught Fast Cap, Techo Pro IGR, and Exciter. These chemicals are very high quality and very high cost, but their quality produces very long lasting results. We have treated for every kind of pest throughout Southeast Texas and we never experience a problem or complaint because we use the best quality pest control chemicals and apply them with skill and care.

    We Have Special Treatments for Kitchens & Commercial Establishments with Roach Infestations

    For kitchens and commercial establishments, we use an Actisol machine that emits an ultra low volume 17 micron mist. This creates a cloud like material that is effective at eliminating roaches in extreme roach infestations. We are very thorough about penetrating the walls where roaches hide during the day. We perform a second treatment three to five days later, and apply roach gel to cracks and crevices. This treatment method is effective for roaches and other resilient pests. This treatment produces a six month residual that continues to protect against insects following treatment. We follow every safety precaution with every pest control treatment.

    • Texas Bug Masters is an extremely professional service. They are quick to respond and schedule for inspections and extermination. I highly recommend them.

      Brittany McDaniel Avatar Brittany McDaniel
      October 23, 2022

      This company had excellent communication and customer service. They are well priced.

      Lauren Pemberton Avatar Lauren Pemberton
      October 23, 2022
    • Highly Recommend Richard with Texas Bug Masters! He was on time, professional, and best of all he took care of our bugs the first time! I havent seen... Read More

      East Texas Marine Flooring Avatar East Texas Marine Flooring
      August 23, 2022

      I called Texas Bug Masters after having a bad experience with Terminax. Rick immediately addressed my concerns, answered all of my questions and was able to do the job at... Read More

      Diane L Manning Avatar Diane L Manning
      June 23, 2022
    • Rick came out to my house and treated it for termites. He came out the same day I called. He did a great job. I highly recommend this company.

      Amie Harmse Avatar Amie Harmse
      May 23, 2022

      Great company. On time and quickly to response. Will definitely use their services again in the future.

      Berenice Garcia Avatar Berenice Garcia
      May 23, 2022
    • Came out and did my house for termites and my yard for crawfish. About a month later had a crawfish hill or two pop up. Called Texas Bug Masters. He... Read More

      J D Avatar J D
      January 23, 2022

      Excellent job! 1st and most importantly to me, they offered me a Veteran's Discount and are locally owned, grew up in our SETX area! Unfortunately I found 1 termite... Read More

      Veronica Suri Avatar Veronica Suri
      November 23, 2021
    • Dec 2020 We are still very pleased with Richard and his attentiveness And knowledge to get rid of pests. We own several rental homes and he has addressed several... Read More

      Stacie Cormier Avatar Stacie Cormier
      November 23, 2021

      Richard was very prompt and responded very quickly when I called. Once he inspected my house he let me know what I was dealing with and was out that evening... Read More

      Tracy Roberts Avatar Tracy Roberts
      November 23, 2021
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