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Warm temperatures are ideal for flea reproduction and development. The biting stage not only lives on the pet, but also hundreds or thousands of eggs, larvae, and pupae are left behind throughout the property or yard. If early signs of fleas are ignored, infestations can quickly spiral out of control. Hence hiring the best flea pest control company is crucial.

Both humans and pets can suffer from flea bites. These bites can cause intense itching and irritation to pets, as well as transmit tapeworms and other bacterial infections. Although most fleas don’t live on humans, they can bite humans causing skin irritation, allergies, and diseases such as typhus and tularemia.

Ridding your property of fleas can be a daunting and costly task if not done correctly. When infestations occur, it’s important you employ local and trusted pest control professionals to ensure success. The certified exterminators at Texas Bug Masters can quickly eliminate fleas while reducing risks to people and pets.

How Did I Get Fleas?

Pets initially become infested. With the ability to jump 6 inches vertically up, fleas can easily hitch rides on passing animals, or even human shoes and pants legs. Within minutes, fleas begin to feed and egg laying occurs within 24 hours. The eggs soon fall into carpeting, furniture cushions, and wherever else pets spends time.

How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas?

The traditional and most proper approach for battling the elimination of fleas within a property will require concurrent treatment of both the pet and the premises. This is especially true with severe infestations when pets and people are suffering irritation from bites. Your level of success will really depend on how these treatments are performed.

Flea Treatments You Can Rely On

When it comes to keeping fleas away it’s important to remember that it’s not a one time event, but instead a process. Flea infestations require a comprehensive plan by trained professionals that includes chemical and physical treatments around your property. To completely control flea infestation problems, you must also treat your carpets, furniture, and bedding.

The right pest control company knows how to tailor a solution to your property. At Texas Bug Masters, we do just that. Our highly trained professionals use advanced technology to examine conditions, treat current flea problems, and provide pet and yard tips to help prevent future invaders. Contact us today to schedule your free flea pest control consultation!

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  • review rating 5  This place is great, I got service on the same day I called and you just can't beat that. The owner was prompt and friendly. I highly recommend Texas Bug Masters, they will be my go to!

    thumb Kimberly Truax
  • review rating 5  I am TERRIFIED of roaches lol i started to see some in my new house and FREAKED out! Called these guys 11-7-2019 and came out today 😎 He was fast and I feel much better! Better safe then sorry! Thanks again, will definitely use them again for maintenance

    thumb MaryScary31 Poet
  • review rating 5  Very responsive to inquiries, even on weekends. Professional and trustworthy. Provides photo evidence as part of the service. Highly recommend.

    thumb Susan Cook
  • review rating 5  Great service came right out and helped us And did a great job

    thumb Kulk kellum
  • review rating 5  Very nice guy and priced reasonable. Didn't make me sign up for a quarterly contract just to spray. Highly recommend.

    thumb Ashley Knapp
  • review rating 5  Excellent customer service and very attentive. I filled out a written message on their website since it is Labor Day weekend not expecting a call till Tuesday. Within 2 hours he had called us and made an appointment to come give us a quote. We met him and he is very knowledgeable and explained everything about our bug problem. He’s fast, and does the job right. It was a pleasure doing business with Texas Bug Masters. Chris and Stacie Cormier

    thumb Stacie Cormier
  • review rating 5  Just used them today at a rental property that I own. No complaints! I needed immediate pest control services that Terminix (who I currently have service contracts with) couldn't provide me with. Called Texas Bug Masters and they came out immediately. Cancelling my service contracts with Terminix today and already have service contracts started with Texas Bug Masters! Better price, better pesticides, and better customer service!

    thumb T.J. Jacobs
  • review rating 5  Fast response time. Courteous and explained what he was doing.

    thumb Jon West
  • review rating 4  Richard is affordable, professional, knowledgable, and kind. He will make sure you get what you want. He will take care of the job! He will answer any questions you may have, cause I had a ton, lol and he just let me follow him around while he worked and reassured me that those little demons would no longer live in my house. I appreciated that!

    thumb Kristine Ingram
  • review rating 5  Richard was great. He came out on short notice and sprayed the inside and outside of our house at a great price. He even took off his shoes before coming inside so he didn't track in any dirt. My wife appreciated that! Now the only bugs I see are dead and the frequency of seeing the dead ones is decreasing. So that is great! I would recommend everyone use Texas Bug Masters.

    thumb Adam Cessna

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