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Local Pest Inspections

Accurate identification of pests is essential to having an effective pest management program. Properly identifying pests leads to information about their life cycle, food sources and habitat preferences. To help identify your pest, you must inspect. Pest inspections help you find out what pests you are dealing with, and locations where these pests should be targeted, and how or why they are coming onto your property and into your home or business.

Pest inspections should be conducted by individuals licensed to perform inspections of building structures to determine damage or possibility of damage from insects, bugs, termites or dry rot conditions. Many people never give a second thought to pest inspections unless they are buying or selling a home, in which case, pest inspections become extremely important.

Why You Should Hire A Professional

Pest control companies are not only pros at finding and exterminating pests, but they also do it without harming you and your family with harmful chemicals. Though do-it-yourself methods are popular because they’re easily found at home improvement stores and supermarkets, the expertise of pest control professionals means that they can effectively and efficiently eliminate pests.

  • Know where to look for tiny pests that hide in walls
  • Have specialized equipment available that is designed to get rid of pests
  • Technicians are skilled at matching extermination methods for the best results

Say Goodbye To Pests!

Whether it’s termites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas. ticks, bees, bed bugs, mosquitos or mice and rats, pests can be much more than a nuisance. They can become a threat to your property and potentially your health. Though store bought treatments may look effective in television commercials, but they don’t always provide the results you expect.

As a property owner, it’s your job to handle issues when things go wrong. Pest control and inspection is one of those services that are too challenging to do on your own. By hiring local and trusted certified technicians to handle pest inspections, you can have the assurance that the professionals are doing it right.

At Texas Bug Masters, we do just that. We’ll inspect your property from top to bottom, inside and out, for current or potential pest problems. We use combinations of advanced technology and methods to customize a plan to help get pests out and keep the out year ‘round. Call today to schedule your pest inspection!

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  • 5 star review  Good people who stand behind their work. They are prompt and affordable. I am glad I gave them a call.

    thumb Brigitte Sayin
    June 13, 2019
  • 4 star review  Richard is affordable, professional, knowledgable, and kind. He will make sure you get what you want. He will take care of the job! He will answer any questions you may have, cause I had a ton, lol and he just let me follow him around while he worked and reassured me that those little demons would no longer live in my house. I appreciated that!

    thumb Kristine Ingram
    July 25, 2019
  • 5 star review  We had a gigantic flea infestation and called Texas Bug Masters. He explained the process and gave me a time. Richard was on time and took care of the house garage, and yard. He explained the length of time for the fleas to die. It has been 10 days and we are rid of fleas. Richard was professional and kept his word. I will use him again and would refer Texas Bug Masters.

    thumb Eva Jo Scott
    June 3, 2019
  • 5 star review  Fast response time. Courteous and explained what he was doing.

    thumb Jon West
    October 23, 2019
  • 5 star review  Extremely satisfied with the work Rick and his helper did for our home! Both worked quickly and diligently to get the treatment done in a timely manner! And for a great price! I would recommend them time and time again! The online payment was a huge plus since I was running errands while they completed my treatment! Thanks you guys!

    thumb Savannah Grant
    April 1, 2019
  • 5 star review  Just used them today at a rental property that I own. No complaints! I needed immediate pest control services that Terminix (who I currently have service contracts with) couldn't provide me with. Called Texas Bug Masters and they came out immediately. Cancelling my service contracts with Terminix today and already have service contracts started with Texas Bug Masters! Better price, better pesticides, and better customer service!

    thumb T.J. Jacobs
    June 6, 2019
  • 5 star review  I am TERRIFIED of roaches lol i started to see some in my new house and FREAKED out! Called these guys 11-7-2019 and came out today 😎 He was fast and I feel much better! Better safe then sorry! Thanks again, will definitely use them again for maintenance

    thumb MaryScary31 Poet
    November 9, 2019
  • 5 star review  Very nice guy and priced reasonable. Didn't make me sign up for a quarterly contract just to spray. Highly recommend.

    thumb Ashley Knapp
    September 12, 2019
  • 5 star review  Excellent customer service and very attentive. I filled out a written message on their website since it is Labor Day weekend not expecting a call till Tuesday. Within 2 hours he had called us and made an appointment to come give us a quote. We met him and he is very knowledgeable and explained everything about our bug problem. He’s fast, and does the job right. It was a pleasure doing business with Texas Bug Masters. Chris and Stacie Cormier

    thumb Stacie Cormier
    September 2, 2019
  • 5 star review  Very responsive to inquiries, even on weekends. Professional and trustworthy. Provides photo evidence as part of the service. Highly recommend.

    thumb Susan Cook
    April 28, 2019

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